WW1 ride – Luneville to Munster – the Voges

A massive day of climbing today, following the front line up to and along the main ridge of the Voges mountains, at around 3000 feet.

Luckily, the weather was kind, with clouds gradually breaking and lifting from the summits as we arrived.

A 30 mile run in, up the Meurthe valley, and then our first military cemetery, and our first climb.

The second climb was much steeper, and we were glad to find Jane and Del at the top with baguettes.

The third climb was fully 2000 feet tall, first up a beautiful valley to a col, then up the main ridge. The fighting was intense here in 1914 and 1915.

After considerably more up and down along the ridge we reached the memorial du Linge, where many bodies lie unrecovered in the woods. A section of the front is intact and can be visited.

The final descent into Munster was beautiful, alpine in scale and in scenery. Not fast, because of frequent tight bends. Munster has storks nesting on all the chimneys. Tomorrow starts with an enormous climb up to the Ballon d’Alscace, and then flatter ground to the Swiss border. The end is in sight.

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