WW1 ride – Verdun to Luneville

Woke to more rain this morning, and very low clouds. Set off up a climb back up to the scene of the fighting on the high ground. This is the start of the St Mihiel salient, fairly quiet for much of the war, but where the Americans finally broke through in 1918. A huge American monument stands atop the Butte de Monsec, dominating the land around. But it was in the clouds and this is what we saw!

This is beautiful, pristine countryside and we loved cycling through the rolling hills of the Argonne forest where the rain first eased and then stopped.

More rolling road took us to a fast descent into the Moselle valley where Jane and Del had baguettes waiting for us.

10 miles of busy roads saw us into Nancy, on the Meurthe. For John’s first taste of city cycling this was a bit hairy. But the main square is imposing.

The final section was flatter, and saw us fairly easily to our motorway junction hotel. Hope to sleep well tonight before a massive day in the Voges mountains tomorrow with some 9000 feet of climbing!

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