Leobersdorf to Vienna

This was just a morning’s cycling, under grey skies and alongside a canal to start with, to finish the ride. ¬†Austrian cycle paths are fantastic, and Vienna has upgraded its cycling infrastructure a lot since we were last here in 2010. It was good then – now fantastic!

Only one stop en route, at Schloss Vosendorf, which was supposed to have a cycling museum – but it wasn’t open. Not much of a story, but I took a picture!

Anyway, the ride is over, and we’re in a hotel in Vienna. It’s been one of the best we’ve done. The scenery across the Alps was fantastic, Slovenia was interesting and beautiful, the hotels (with one exception) were all good, and the company was as excellent as ever. The route was more physically demanding than most of our rides, with only one planned rest day, but we were almost always running parallel to a rail line, and were able to add a couple more as needed. All in all, a great trip.

Quirky geographical fact to finish. Despite crossing the main spine of the Alps twice, we never left the drainage of the Danube at any stage!

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