Semmering to Leobersdorf

Another sunny morning! We were really lucky with the weather on the pass. It could have been dreadful. Instead we woke to great views down over the plain towards Vienna. Though difficult to photograph!

After breakfast at the local bakery we meandered along a level road, enjoying the views, before plunging down through the forest on a small lane, ending up in a narrow limestone gorge, with just enough room for the road.

Then, as the angle relented, we let the bikes fly, covering 10 miles to Gloggnitz (great name) in no time at all.

Weiner Neustadt was a large town with an elegant square and plenty of cafes for lunch. It was slightly too far to get to Vienna today, so we’ve stopped in the small town of Leobersdorf, with just a mornings riding left for tomorrow. It’s a shame that the cycling is nearly over.

1 thought on “Semmering to Leobersdorf

  1. I guess that the cycling is now over and that you are missing it already. But there must have been some competition between the sumptuous eating and the glorious cycling. The diary made for envious reading.
    Safe journey home and be ready to wear an extra layer!
    Love Pauline x

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