Axat to Carcassonne

This was our first full day in France. So we were looking forward to a proper petit dejeurner in a local cafe. So, with tent packed, we set off down the last, and most spectacular section of the Aude gorge. We found our breakfast sitting outside the boulangerie in the town square in Quillans.

But from there the day got harder as we picked up a headwind and, emerging from the gorge, the scenery became more mundane. We stopped in Limoux for lunch. This had a busy square but, for some reason, we chose to picnic instead of a midday meal.



The afternoon was hot and hard and we finished at a nondescript campsite about 4 miles outside and short of Carcassonne.

Carcassonne was on the route because it had to be, geographically. We had been before and had not liked the disneyfied castle. So we weren’t in a rush to ride into town and back and instead we just kicked back in the campsite for the evening. The photo shows the battlements in the distance.


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